Acknowledgement of External Resources

Most of the graphics and educational materials in the game are our original creations and covered under a Creative Commons Licence however,  we have used some materials that are either free copyright or with the kind permission of the owners - all non-original material is listed below with relevant source. All was accessed during the months of August-October 2013:

  1. “Meet your target!”:  
  2. We want you to meet your Marketing Target!
  3. Tweeting 
  4. Institute of Business Ethics on Bribery Act
  5. Article on Kant 
  6. Article on Aristotle it
  7. Nussbaum
  8. Data Protection Act
  9. Solaris, Sonic and Sintel posters all from DeviantArt (Creative Commons Attribution Licence) 
  10. All sounds from Pond5 ( ) and FreeSFX (