User Guide

Version 1 (current)

This is the first version of Marketing Mayhem and is being used for final user testing. Please help us by filling in the survey when you have completed the game as this will help us improve the game's quality and effectiveness. At the start of the session a consent form is also provided for you to submit which allows us to use any data from your session to aid further development. If you wish to not have your data used, please untick the relevant box. You can still play the game without having your data used for research.

This first version does not have the capability of voice overs to aid the user in following the comic book story. More comprehensive accessibile functionality is planned for future versions.


This current version runs on PC and MAC. By 2015 we hope to release a version for IPAD.

What you need

The game runs off any web browser (although we recommend Firefox) and requires the Unity Plug-in which is obtainable from the Unity Web Site. Javascript needs to be enabled. If accessing from a university firewall, please check with your university technical team to ensure the plug-in can be downloaded onto network machines or have the technical team do this before the session. Students with their own laptops should be able to download easily if the wireless is of a high enough speed or a network plug available.

The game works best with a processor speed of at least 2GHz dual core and a RAM of 2.87GB. A video card will insure optimum performance.

Internet is required as the game is downloaded in increments.

The game downloads easily using a wireless but the time needed to download will be dependent on the speed of the wireless connection. If the session times out, please refresh and the game level will continue to load having been cached. Once the game is loaded, it should run smoothly if the graphics card is of a high enough calibre.

Game Objective

This is a game that tells the story of Anna - a marketing manager who has just joined a company called ‘Pixels’. Her new boss has given her a task to get 20,000 subscriptions for a new game they are launching. Your job is to follow her through the story, collecting clues.

Some clues are needed to move to the next level, some just give you points. Clues are stored in an inventory which you can access anytime by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of your screen. There is a short quiz at the end of each level. Use the clues you’ve collected to help you answer the questions before moving on. You get points from the quizzes too.

Try to get through all the levels to gain enough points to join the Top Ten on the Leader Board.

What to do

After clicking the Play Game link located on the main navigation bar, create your own unique username and password. Don't forget these as you will need them to ensure your settings are saved as you move through the levels and to reactivate your session if you wish to return to the last level you were on. Please note, you cannot save clues in between levels - you must complete a level (which includes the quiz associated with that level) to save your settings for that level.

You will then be presented with a consent form for research. After completing this form you will then be shown the instructions and after reading these and clicking on 'play' you will be prompted to download the Unity Plug-in (if it is not detected). You will then enter the first level which is the office of Pixels.

Initially there is an instructions overlay which can be toggled on and off using the Menu 'M' button which also allows you to control the game functions. Follow the instructions on the screen using the mouse to steer and keyboard keys to access clues in the office.

You will know you have hit a clue because the message Press 'E' to interact will appear on the screen. Pressing 'E' will allow the clue to be saved in your inventory.

Use full screen by right clicking mouse and selecting full screen option.

Points System

Your choices in the game will affect what happens in the end. The game has SIX alternative ending scenarios. Some of them are happy, others – not so much. Try to get through all the levels and get as many points as possible to be shown on the leader-board located on the website.